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Collaborative Divorce

For many couples, divorce proceedings are traumatic and exacerbate the heartache of their loss. Because the justice system is built to be adversarial, it actually encourages conflict, and that conflict often results in anger and a worse relationship with your spouse.

The divorce process does not have to be an adversarial process. Collaborative Divorce is designed to help you and your spouse to work together toward a healthier, out-of-court divorce settlement. Beth has been an advocate of the Collaborative Divorce process in Sacramento for over 20 years. Collaborative Divorce uses an interest-based negotiation structure that saves time, stress, and expense.

A Cooperative Process In a Collaborative Divorce, each spouse has their own attorney. The Collaborative Divorce team includes a neutral financial professional, divorce coach and when needed a child specialist. The team helps the couple to resolve all issues in the divorce. In a series of team meetings, the couple will make decisions on these and other issues:

  1. Child custody and visitation
  2. Child support
  3. Asset and debt division
  4. Sale or possession of the marital home
  5. Spousal support and temporary support
  6. Claims for credits and reimbursements

The Benefits of Collaborative Divorce A Collaborative Divorce process has many advantages, especially when compared to traditional litigated divorce:

  1. Privacy – The Collaborative Divorce process is confidential. Since the agreement is negotiated in private rather than in court, most personal information is not submitted to the court's public record files and there are no court appearances where the details of the divorce are made public.
  2. Time – The Collaborative Divorce process works on your schedule and not the courts’ schedule. This means that you can move through a Collaborative Divorce process more quickly than one that involves scheduled court appearances. It is also a process that allows you to proceed at your own pace, recognizing the need of some to go a little slower.
  3. Cost savings – Attorney fees are lower because of the reduced attorney time required. Additional cost savings are accomplished with the use of a financial professional and divorce coaches. These experts typically have a lower hourly rate than the attorneys. The financial neutral serves both parties whereas in a litigated divorce both parties would typically hire their own financial experts.
  4. Less emotional turmoil – Collaborative Divorce helps the divorcing couple work with each other to resolve the case rather than working against each other. This results in a lower level of stress and conflict than would occur if the case went to court. Divorce coaches work with the couple to improve communication and help each spouse manage the difficult emotions that are common during a divorce.

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