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3 Tips for Self-Care During Divorce

Self-Care and Divorce

Taking care of yourself during the divorce process is extremely important. People going through a divorce benefit from remaining positive, but this can be difficult to do when the most common emotions around this transition are fear, grief, and anger. Here are three self care tips to make the divorce process easier.

1) Go to Counseling

People going through a divorce should consider attending some counseling, at least short-term. Counseling provides a safe place to express and explore feelings. Therapists can also offer practical tools and suggestions for coping with the stress and negative emotions experienced during a divorce. They are trained to help you manage and work through those difficult feelings, so you can keep your emotions from overwhelming you and getting in the way of good, sound decisions. Counseling helps you remain calm and clear headed when you are making choices about money, kids, and all the other issues you may have to resolve.

2) Maintain Healthy Habits

Make sure you are getting enough sleep, exercising regularly, and eating right. Try to maintain your normal, healthy habits. Meditation is great for overall health and helps to calm the mind. Often people going through a divorce stop doing those healthy things. Fear and sadness can greatly affect mood. When your body starts to break down it becomes harder to face the demands off a divorce situation in addition to the stresses of everyday life.

3) Take in Your Information Carefully

In a divorce, people who care about you will offer their opinions and a lot of advice. Clients will say that their brother suggested doing this or a coworker said that they should do that. Rather then taking this type of advice at face value, you should hear those people expressing that they love you and care about you, but otherwise just let that advice and commentary go. Put your trust in your professional team of family law attorneys, mediators, financial advisors and child specialists. While friends and family may have experienced a certain divorce situation, their advice may not fit your situation. The divorce professionals, who do this for a living can give you reliable answers based on your unique circumstances. Trust them to give you the best answers. Do your research, but don't get too wrapped up in information you might find online. It is a little bit like looking up your medical symptoms online, you do not want to go too far with the self-diagnosis. You are better off going to a doctor who can examine you and run tests on you to directly ad accurately address your situation.

Practicing good self-care habits during your divorce will allow you to be in a good place physically and mentally throughout the process. Divorce is not easy, but by taking care of yourself you will emerge on the other side in a better place.

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